December 1st 2012

Ray Evans: 08:00 - 09:00

Edwin Starr - Another Song For You
Al Wilson – I’ve Got A Feeling
Terry Callier – I’ve Been Doin’ Alright
Teddy Pendergrass – The More I Get The More I Want
The Joneses – Sugar Pie Guy
Bobby Womack – I Don’t Wanna Be ya Love
Natalie Cole – I Love You
Four Tops – Nature Planned It
Aretha Franklin – Since You’ve Been Gone
Clarence Carter – I Found What I Wanted
Betty Swann – Make me Yours
Ann Sexton – You’ve Been Gone Too Long
Barbara Acklin – Am I The Same Girl
Chuck Jackson – Hand it Over
Arthur Washington – I’m The Man
Buddy Miles – What Does It Take
Bobby Sheen – Dr Love
Darrell Banks – I’m The One
Gladys Knight – Make Yours A Happy Home
Harvey Averne – Never Learned To Dance
TSU Tornados – What Good Am I

Rob Hurcomb: 09:00 - 10:00

Liberty – Girl You’d Better Wake Up
GQ – Making My Daydreams A Reality
Gene Chandler – You Don’t Have To Be Lying Baby
Imperial Wonders – You Live Only Once
Lee David – Temptation Is Calling My Name
Dee Dee Sharp – What Kind Of Lady
Peter Nero – Soulful Strut
Ty Kerim – You Reall
Mighty Lovers – Mighty Lover
Joanie Summers – Don’t Pity Me
Miracles – Save Me
Barbara McNair – Your Gonna Love My Baby
Marvin Gaye – Come Get To This
Four Tracks – Like My Love For You
Exits – Another Sundown In Watts
Dorsey Michael Group – Time To Play
Alfie Davidson – Love Is A Serious Business
Jeff Perry – Love Don’t Come No Stronger
Eloise Laws – Love Factory
Jackie Wilson – I’m The One To Do it

Steve Lloyd: 10:00 - 11:00

Jackie Wilson – Because of You
Bottom & Company – Gonna Find A True Love
Phillip Mitchell – I’m So Happy
Boogieman Orchestra – Lady Lady lady (Int)
5th Dimension – What Does It Take
The Winstons – Color Him Father
Royalettes – Only When Your Lonely
Metros – Since I Found My Baby
Bobby Sheen – Something new To Do
Angie Stone – Wish I Didn’t Miss You
Driza Bone – Pressure
Gregory Porter – 1960 What
Collins & Collins – Top Of The Stairs
O’Jays – Darlin Darlin Baby
Bobby Womack – Something For My Head
David Ruffin – Rode By Your Place
Virgil Henry – Ain’t Nothing New
Nolan Porter – If I Could Only Be Sure

Matt from Trowbridge: 11:00 - 12:00

Majestics – I Love You It So Much It Hurts Me
Mickie Champion – What Good Am I
Patti Austin – I’ve Given All My Love
Linda Jones – I Can’t Live My Life
JT Parker – If You Won’t To Hold On
Otis Lee – From Head To Toe
Jimmy Frasier – Of Hearts & Dreams
Temptations – Why Do You Wanna Make Me Blue
Kim Weston – Helpless
Isley Brothers – Why When The Love is Gone
Vibrations – Cause Your Mine
Checkerboard Squares – Double Cookin
Doni Burdick – Bari Track
Martha Starr – Love Is The Only Solution
Bobby Kline – Say Something Nice To Me
Trop Dodds – Try My Love
Bessie Banks – Don’t You Worry Baby, The Best Is Yet To Come
James Walsh – Cuz It’s You Girl
EJ Rice – Will You be Coming Back
David Coleman – Drown My Heart
Timi Yuro – It’ll Never Be Over For Me

Don Palmer: 12:00 - 01:00

Edwin Starr – I Have Faith In You
Julian Covey – A Little Bit Hurt
Vibrations – Cause Your Mine
Isley Brothers – My Love Is Your Love
Mandrill – Too Late
Gloria Scott – (A Case Of) Too Much Lovemaking
Dee Dee Sharp – What Kind Of Lady
Four Voices – Your Love Is Getting Stronger
The Velours – I’m Gonna Change
Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes – Prayin’
Barbara Lyn – Movin’ On A Groove
Lou Rawls – See You When I Git There
Rita & the Tiaras – Gone With The Wind
Lynne Randell – Stranger In My Arms
The M.P.V’s – Turnin’ My Heartbeat Up
Mel Torme – Comin’ Home Baby
Lou Johnson – Unsatisfied
Gospel Classics – More Love That’s What We Need
Voices Of East Harlem – Cashin’ In
Etta James – Seven Day Lover
Geraldine Hunt – Never Never Leave Me


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